I will fight...

For you, my friends, my life, my world.
I will fight with the strength you provide me with, and with the vocation you can't show in this part, partly because of me. 
I will try to win this crazy race, and I will try it to prove everyone that you can conquer the world if you want. I will try to teach the importance of a balanced world, of a balanced mind and body, and the importance of the understanding.
I'll be the best candidate they've ever seen.
And why?
For you, my friends, my life, my world.
For you, my support.
I hope you can understand that I won't surrender under any circumstances, and I won't back down to anyone.
Fear me, fools, I've come to win.
For my friends, and for myself.

2 comentarios:

  1. No entiendo muy bien el inglés, pero seguro que es preciosa jajaja :)
    Gracias por pasarte! Besos! (K)

  2. Jajaja no pasa nada ;)